Back Online, New Design

We have patiently waited in line for our website development 🙂 and we are pleased to be back online and sporting our new design!  A big shout out to Data49 Design for their development work and getting us back online quickly, and huge thanks also to theTechPlex for setting up all the security and support … Read more


Having training and credentials is a solid asset to possess, but additionally at UserTutor Corp. one of the features we look at when reviewing candidates for employment or as associates is what they have done on their own to exceed themselves. And so, a few words on autodidacticism: Self-Directed Learning (Autodidacticism) Definition: “A process in … Read more

Tested Concepts

We called this category “Ideas”, however it is more about tested concepts that have proven themselves viable in our use and experience.  It is here that we will share these concepts from time to time with the hopes it will benefit others as it has us.  Though we cannot guarantee the results that others may … Read more

Our Philosophy

At UserTutor Corp. we believe that today’s business environment need not be an intimidating or complex prospect; that a little knowledge goes a long way in enabling persons to utilize their abilities at greater capacity, and to get the most out of their experiences. The strength of our conviction resides in: “those who know sharing … Read more