Bargain Central eFranchise

Bargain Central Discount Store has been a staple in the Fort Erie, Ontario community for over two years providing quality new and used merchandise at very attractive prices. Bargain Central 82 Wintemute St Fort Erie, Ontario 905-994-9999 facebook  |  Google map They offer an eclectic collection of furniture, appliances and home decor to the residents of … Read more

Formula for Success

We will save the suspense and just declare, there is no formula for success. By best definition, success is “the accomplishment of an aim or purpose“.  Being at point A with the intention of going to point B, then getting there, is success.  Sending your child to college, writing a novel, receiving that promotion – … Read more

SSL Networks for Nositeunseen

The Nositeunseen network has incorporated security through SSL for all their network hubs. This means a more secure environment with strong SHA-2 & 2048-bit encryption providing a private connection in all administration areas of every website.  It also provides that any site owners in the network can easily apply their own ssl certificate without encountering … Read more