What’s the Difference?

What’s the difference between a product or service for sale, and a solution to an identified problem that costs a few dollars? The answer is, subjective value.   “The idea that an object’s value is not inherent, and is instead worth more to different people based on how much they desire or need the object. The Subjective … Read more

The World Needs Dreams – Part 2

When and how provide the dynamic elements to the who, what, and where.  Tying them all together with the strength that supports tenacity and endurance is the why. The dream has taken on substance by this point in the exercise.  It is clearer what the dream is about and what it is intended to accomplish … Read more

The World Needs Dreams – Part 1

Dreams are why we seek to survive and why we seek to progress.  Dreams hold a promise for tomorrow. For a dream to achieve full usefulness it needs to be tested, refined and put to work because on its own a dream is only a wish about life.  It requires substance and definition in order to become effective … Read more

Marketing Associate

UserTutor Corporation is looking for an associate with marketing and promotion skills to become a part of our team. What we look for in our associates foremost is their ability to learn, followed by the ability to assess and determine what is required for any project undertaken.  As with all our associates, the Marketing Associate will have a … Read more