Marketing Associate

UserTutor Corporation is looking for an associate with marketing and promotion skills to become a part of our team.

What we look for in our associates foremost is their ability to learn, followed by the ability to assess and determine what is required for any project undertaken.  As with all our associates, the Marketing Associate will have a familiarity with their area of endeavour – namely promotional strategies – but the principle function will be to work alongside clients as they seek to achieve their goals.

Education credentials are an asset but we favour a proven history of real life experience above formal training. The Marketing Associate is part of the team dedicated to the success of each member in our networks and who are available to one another for consultation and request.  As such, working cohesively within a team environment is a required skill and discipline.

For each client that the Marketing Associate assists, the approach that serves:

  • Familiarize with the client’s product and/or services
  • Familiarize with the promotional resources available in the region and available to the client
  • Familiarize with the client’s goals and aspirations
  • Offer suggestions and recommendations in accordance to their goals

As with all our associates, the Marketing Associate works for and alongside each client but never over any client.

What the Marketing Associate gains as an associate is a designed and maintained website hosted within our servers with full technical support.  Office administration support is provided for bookkeeping, billing and collection.  Benefits are available at reduced premiums.  They are set up as an independent business presence open to taking on clients outside the associate relationship.

In return the Marketing Associate provides best price services to UserTutor Corporation’s development projects.

If this opportunity interests you, or you have ideas or alternatives that may serve, we would really enjoy hearing from you.  Use the form below to introduce yourself and share your vision.

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