SSL Networks for Nositeunseen

The Nositeunseen network has incorporated security through SSL for all their network hubs.

radarThis means a more secure environment with strong SHA-2 & 2048-bit encryption providing a private connection in all administration areas of every website.  It also provides that any site owners in the network can easily apply their own ssl certificate without encountering browser alerts about untrusted certificates.

The SSL Certificates used by each network are compatible with all major browsers and ensures the domain connection is not spoofed, and that the content is delivered from a secured location.

There have been indications that Google will be placing an emphasis on sites using https in their search indexing, and that would provide an additional benefit for site owners, but security first has always been the best foot forward in ours and our Associates’ development practices.

To clarify, site owners who do not use an SSL certificate for their mapped domains will still benefit from an encrypted and secure connection when logging into their website for any administrative work.