Nositeunseen is Redefining Business Online

The Nositeunseen Network’s fully managed WordPress hosting system is changing the face of business online by redefining the context of website positioning. “It’s about relevance”, stated James Hill, CEO of UserTutor Corporation, the company behind the Nositeunseen development project.  “We’ve built upon the existent concepts of SEO and added relevance into the mix.  Where any website on … Read more

Bargain Central eFranchise

Bargain Central Discount Store has been a staple in the Fort Erie, Ontario community for over two years providing quality new and used merchandise at very attractive prices. Bargain Central 82 Wintemute St Fort Erie, Ontario 905-994-9999 facebook  |  Google map They offer an eclectic collection of furniture, appliances and home decor to the residents of … Read more

What’s the Difference?

What’s the difference between a product or service for sale, and a solution to an identified problem that costs a few dollars? The answer is, subjective value.   “The idea that an object’s value is not inherent, and is instead worth more to different people based on how much they desire or need the object. The Subjective … Read more

Investment and Return

Investment is more than money.  Investment is a devoting, using or giving of time, talent, emotional energy, or any other resource for a purpose or to achieve a goal. And no matter how large and valuable the investment, the goal always remains the most important part. That goal is the hoped for return that would make any investment … Read more

The nositeunseen network

The Nositeunseen™ network is an investment project of UserTutor Corporation, and one that we’ve been pleased to be developmentally involved with. The network began as the concept of a single web applications developer and has grown to include the programs of several developers and adapted within a single framework of WordPress. This project went live … Read more