Post Link Errors

We recently discovered all our posts and post categories were being redirected to the front page of our website instead of the address they were intended for.

percentHopefully not too many were affected by this issue, and the cause has been discovered and fixed.  Apparently in one of our lines of code we missed inserting a percentage sign.  That caused posts and categories to have a web address that didn’t exist, and such errors are scripted to be redirected to the front page.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.  This certainly serves as a reminder to us how exact code writing needs to be.  This page alone is comprised of over 20,000 characters, using letters, numbers and punctuation marks.  Those characters are organized to tell the server what to deliver for content while also telling your browser how to display it.  One missing percentage sign and the page was denied from being seen.

We do tip our hats to our support associates.  It is impossible to not experience errors now and then, but responding quickly and efficiently to those errors is the mark of a professional.