Online Is Not Just For The Young

There is a singular and marked advantage among senior populations over middle-aged and younger Internet entrepreneurs. Experience. This advantage of years of accumulated wisdom grants them both a competitive edge, and a respected role as mentors.  Online there are no appreciable advantages in being strong or swift.  Nor does an abundance of wealth play a huge part.  What does matter … Read more

Going the Distance – Part 2

Ali was changed in his pursuit.  He trained so that his arms were muscled stronger than they had ever been, and his ligaments and tendons were toughened. In the fight they were battered and bruised right to the bones but still delivered when he started throwing his finishing combinations.  He also trained those combinations over and … Read more

Going the Distance – Part 1

The world has lost another great champion as Muhammad Ali, or Cassius Clay as some also remember him, recently passed away. A three time heavyweight champion, Ali further distinguished himself as an Olympic gold medallist in the light-heavyweight division, won 56 of his 61 fights in which he held a 31 fight win streak. There are … Read more