Free Online Tutorials

The UserTutor Community began development prior to our incorporation, and went live to the public shortly thereafter. It was designed from an open source project, TutorialMS (Tutorial Management System), and expanded from the 1.4 version. It was originally intended to be more a social site of interaction and user contribution but the user management system required extensive coding to be practical, so registration has been limited in its current phase of development.

The focus of the site is business and computers, and tutorials were selected that provided practical trainings in those areas. Much research went into the current compilation to find useful content that allowed external links and could be categorized into lesson series. We appreciate the efforts represented by each website content authors and have included links to each source site.

The tutorials are primarily for personal education and development. However, learning the skill sets of a business manager means you have the know how, whether you have credentials or not. Many industries look at life skills and experience, for which these tutorials would certainly have merit. In many cases, it’s not the papers one has so much as the ability to actually do. And for starting a new business, the chances for a successful endeavour increase when the owner knows more than one skill. For example, a plumber can start a plumbing company, but the chances of success increase when adding financial management and supervisory skills.

At UserTutor Corp. one of the features we look at when reviewing applicants is what they have done on their own to exceed themselves. Many other companies also look for the same. This site had that in mind during its development.