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What had begun as computer service for friends and family grew by word of mouth to include local professionals in the High River, Alberta region.  So in 2004, TheTechPlex officially began providing technical services to local business and residents.  The main focus was computer repair which in time included network setup and ongoing maintenance services.

techplexIt had since grown to the status of providing resources for purchasing computers and related electronics, and for remote technical service.  Still based in High River, TheTechPlex extended its services across Alberta.

In-house service calls were a mainstay for the local clientele and a small commercial location provided additional convenience, however it was the remote services that continued adding value to operations.  Businesses across the province were very receptive to the attractive pricing and convenience of having a real technician servicing their networks from a remote location.

That service model formed the basis of the current relationship with UserTutor Corporation.  In 2012 TheTechPlex began servicing web development projects for UserTutor and contributing in the development of larger projects.

The core value over the past decade for TheTechPlex is always having a qualified technician present on all service work.  A certain degree of automation is necessary to keeping costs and pricing manageable, but “set and forget” is not an attitude adopted by TheTechPlex.

“We take care of the responsibilities of having a website
so you can focus on the business of using your website”

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