The Silver String Technique

We often encounter many new and interesting items related to learning and training, however some really stand out in their effectiveness and relative simplicity.

silver-string-techniqueThe Silver String Technique is a new method for revision, providing an organized assist to studying and retaining the content of such study.

It was developed by author, Sebastian Webb, in combining three proven memory strategies (mnemonics) into a coherent blend targeted primarily to students and the exam environment.  We had the good fortune to receive a complimentary copy and found it to have relevance beyond the classroom.  It holds practical application to work, organization, and just general memory exercise and enhancement.

A bit about the author:
I grew up in the lovely city of Bath in the UK. I studied Psychology at University in Nottingham where I specialised in Human Memory. I almost went on to do a PhD in Psychology but I wanted to try my hand at Entrepreneurship so I learned how to develop websites. I’m currently a self-employed software engineer. And recently I’ve taken to disseminating my winning technique on how to revise for exams.
– Sebastian Webb

The Silver String Technique: Revise Smart, Achieve More” is available on Amazon.
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We highly recommend this excellent resource!

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