Investment and Return

Investment is more than money.  Investment is a devoting, using or giving of time, talent, emotional energy, or any other resource for a purpose or to achieve a goal. And no matter how large and valuable the investment, the goal always remains the most important part. That goal is the hoped for return that would make any investment … Read more

The Full Service Era – Part 2

So what is that reasonable alternative? For every business it varies but the concept remains consistent – get back to the basics.  Kindness did not go out of style just because it’s the new millennium.  Same as courtesy.  It’s still as valid today as it was in any point of history.  Getting back to the … Read more

The Full Service Era – Part 1

Does anyone remember this fellow? Fill ‘er up!  Check the oil and tranny fluid.  Tires seem a bit low.  Clean the windshield, back window, and even the headlights. The full service era was an ideal – a philosophy that the customer was worth the full efforts of service.  Their time was important and service reflected … Read more

The Silver String Technique

We often encounter many new and interesting items related to learning and training, however some really stand out in their effectiveness and relative simplicity. The Silver String Technique is a new method for revision, providing an organized assist to studying and retaining the content of such study. It was developed by author, Sebastian Webb, in combining … Read more

Formula for Success

We will save the suspense and just declare, there is no formula for success. By best definition, success is “the accomplishment of an aim or purpose“.  Being at point A with the intention of going to point B, then getting there, is success.  Sending your child to college, writing a novel, receiving that promotion – … Read more


Having training and credentials is a solid asset to possess, but additionally at UserTutor Corp. one of the features we look at when reviewing candidates for employment or as associates is what they have done on their own to exceed themselves. And so, a few words on autodidacticism: Self-Directed Learning (Autodidacticism) Definition: “A process in … Read more

Tested Concepts

We called this category “Ideas”, however it is more about tested concepts that have proven themselves viable in our use and experience.  It is here that we will share these concepts from time to time with the hopes it will benefit others as it has us.  Though we cannot guarantee the results that others may … Read more